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single23-Jul-2017personal habitspaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator by votes17155.9%


Do you like to go boating?

9Yes, I like to go boating.
3No, I do not like to go boating.
3I have something else to share.
1I used to like to go boating but I don't anymore.
0What is boating.

posted 23-Jul-2017 7:35pm  
posted 23-Jul-2017 10:33pm  
Canoes, kayaks, sailboats, fishing boats, even ferry boats. I just like to get on the water.
posted 24-Jul-2017 4:16am  
I come from a maritime family, and there's a strong sailing gene running through my family. Moreover, I've done a lot of sailing - and windsurfing - in my time, especially when young, and had a heavily nautical youth and young manhood, spending five years at naval college, and five years in the Royal Naval Reserve. For a time I was passionate about rowing, although I never got to row competitively, which I'd have liked to have done. Moreover, I've a powerful love for and attraction to the sea, but in my case, it's a romantic, poetic one, actually physically going out to sea in ships, well, that's something from my past. That said, I'm sure to do some more in the future.
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Jul-2017 10:18am  
Once in a while I do
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 24-Jul-2017 12:54pm  
I don't ever go boating, so I can't really say.
posted 25-Jul-2017 1:28pm  
Yes we like to go boating on a Pontoon boat
posted 25-Jul-2017 7:05pm  
Not really. I don't like water
posted 1-Aug-2017 3:19pm  
Yes I like to go boating whenever I can
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 12:00pm  
It depends on how you define boating, but I've certainly enjoyed messing around in punts, and I've enjoyed short boat trips across lakes and rivers.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Nov-2017 12:34pm  
Boating! One of my earliest memories involves canoeing with my parents. My happy place is absorbing the heat of the sun into my hair and shoulders and thighs as I sit stretched out atop a flat kayak with a comfy molded seat, drifting downriver. The river is lined with sycamore forests and wildflowers, and the beaches are littered with billions of fossils. Birds of prey circle above, and long birds peek at me curiously from the tall grass. Turtles can be seen everywhere on fallen trees and rocks, and if I wave to them - they wave right back.

I have been lucky enough in life to experience a few to several medical complications and procedures, and it has been a necessity to have a real, actual happy-place to visit in my mind. Mine is very nice.

Boating has been a pretty big part of my life.

My family had a fishing boat that we took out to various lakes most weekends in the summertime. It had a big motor, so adventures were had. I have wonderful memories from the boat. It's thrilling to fly across a lake, bow raised, wind against your face.

Many summers, even still, my family rented/rents a houseboat for a week or more in KY/TN. It is a large endeavor, with much required preparations and packing, but it has provided a lot of good times. We have stayed on boats with only bunk beds, and on boats with up to 6 bedrooms. Sometimes we also rent jet-skis or pontoon boats.

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