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1If you wrote the story of your life...62.5%  
2In your mind, who is more dangerous?60.9%  
3If your pet was diagnosed with a chronic but treatable condition...61.9%  
4What do you think when you see some one enjoying music in public? Pt 260.9%  
5Do you suppress the urge? Pt. 162.1%  
6What words do you use when a pet is euthanized?60.5%  
7Who is the more beautiful Kate/Cate?60.6%  
8If you taught at Hogwarts what would you likely teach?69.4%  
9What classes would you take at Hogwarts?70.8%  
10Are you haunted by anything?62.9%  
11Do you feel stunted in any way?63.2%  
12What does Lilith, Eve, and Pandora have in common?61.0%  
13Do you say sell or sale?62.8%  
14How do you pronounce theater?61.1%  
15Should crimes be separated as hate crimes?63.1%  
16Is revenge beneficial under any circumstances?64.0%  
17For you which is the most sensual sense?62.2%  
18Do agree with this saying?62.5%  
19What do you do with the bug?68.2%  
20Tell me about your favorite article of clothing.60.2%  
21Which of these games did you play when you were a kid?63.3%  
22What is the greatest living artist right now?57.0%  
23Should gay cousins be allowed to marry?60.7%  
24Never ending cleaning64.9%  
25Do you ever you chew gum?57.3%  
26Do you have any widgets on your computer screen?57.9%  
27What image is on your desktop background right now?63.0%  
28Do you know anyone who have committed suicide?61.4%  
29Have you ever attempted suicide or considered suicide?64.0%  
30If you saw an employee stealing from a business would you say something to their supervisor?62.0%