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1If you could win a subscription to any magazine available today, which would you choose?66.3%  
2Name five things you love (or really like) that each begin with the same letter.65.5%  
3How should you judge a book?63.9%  
4What do you have to offer?63.6%  
5What are your favorite types of films/movies?62.8%  
6EEEK! What's the last thing that scared you enough to react with a scream or yell?60.7%  
7What is the difference between a "rut" and a "groove"?60.0%  
8Were you spanked growing up?59.8%  
9If you had 1000000 dollars but could not spend it on your self how would you use it?59.5%  
10Imagine, you're alone in the world, what would you do?58.3%  
11How many bank accounts do you have?57.9%  
12Name a famous robot.57.1%  
13Is anything you own 'on its way out'?57.1%  
14Do you ever regret being right?57.1%  
15Is it possible to make the world a better place?57.1%  
16Do you see yourself as a citizen of the world?57.1%  
17Name a famous football player.56.7%  
18Name a famous bastketball player.56.7%  
19Name a famous gutiar player.56.3%  
20Do you like looking at room design pictures?55.9%  
21When is the last time you did something for the first time?55.6%  
22Name a famous brand of beer.55.0%  
23What do you iron (or have ironed by someone else) regularly?55.0%  
24What's the big idea?55.0%  
25Have you ever booped a snoot?55.0%  
26Name a famous salute.55.0%  
27Will President Trump help or hurt the United States (domestically and internationally speaking)?54.5%  
28Does death bring peace or suffering?54.5%  
29What's your favorite button?53.7%  
30Name a famous swimmer.53.3%