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1Have you ever noticed you can actually see cells on your eye surface while looking at, for example, a bright light?66.5%  
2What should be done to actually rehabilitate inmates?66.3%  
3Are there any little things that you do that provide you with a disproportionate amount of pleasure?65.6%  
4Where on your shoe is it worn the most?64.6%  
5When you use a vending machine, do you retrieve your product first or your change (if any)63.8%  
6What is the coldest it has been where you live in the last two weeks?62.0%  
7Do you think 2018 will be better or worse for you than 2017 was?61.1%  
8Who was the last person to pay you a compliment?60.7%  
9Do you like talking about the weather?60.7%  
10Describe your style of doodling.60.6%  
11What do you love the smell of in the morning?60.2%  
12Who looks after you at home when you are ill?60.0%  
13What was the scariest moment of your life?59.9%  
14What painting or sculpture can you recall that made a lasting impression on you? Describe it.59.5%  
15What would you do if society collapsed? (Essay & options)59.3%  
16Have you ever eaten at York Steak House?59.1%  
17What two symbols do you think best represent the United Kingdom?59.0%  
18What, in your opinion, does 'good luck' or 'bad luck' consist of?58.3%  
19What is the most disgusting thing your pet has ever done?58.3%  
20What do you think is the best method for fostering energy conservation?58.3%  
21Do you like to eat at Wendy's?58.3%  
22Do you enjoy seeing the progress of new construction?58.3%  
23Thriving or Surviving?58.3%  
24How are you today?58.3%  
25Have you ever played the board game Sorry?58.3%  
26Are you turning into your parents?58.2%  
27What are your thoughts on mail order brides?58.0%  
28How organized are you?57.9%  
29How do you spend the night before a "big" day?57.8%  
30Do you like to roll dice?57.7%