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1Do you want to believe (in UFOs) ?52.8%  
2Do you see yourself as a citizen of the world?57.1%  
3Which cultural type are you?52.6%  
4Name a famous invention.54.3%  
5Name a famous salute.54.8%  
6Name a famous glove.52.4%  
7Name a famous statue.50.0%  
8Name a famous relic.52.5%  
9How many bank accounts do you have?57.9%  
10Is it possible to make the world a better place?56.8%  
11How should you judge a book?63.2%  
12Do you like to eat matzo?52.9%  
13Is there is vanity in charity?54.8%  
14Does death bring peace or suffering?54.5%  
15Do you admire thieves for their bravery or their greed?50.0%  
16Have you ever been on a stakeout?52.8%  
17Do you like to put all your cards on the table?58.3%  
18How many cans of tuna is too many?57.5%  
19Do you know anyone that does "negative work"?52.4%  
20Rank these qualities that children should be encouraged to learn at home.54.8%  
21Do you understand compound interest?52.5%  
22Do you believe that a person who truly understands love could love anyone?55.0%  
23Do you believe that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities?52.4%  
24How valuable are the opinions of people?58.3%  
25Name a famous footwear store.55.6%  
26Name a famous poem.52.8%  
27How often do you visit a grave site?56.5%  
28Why does crime exist in our society?54.3%  
29Should the United States defense budget be increased or decreased?52.2%  
30Are you a trimmer?58.3%