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"I don't want to go to heaven if it's full of religious freaks." -My mom


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survey> That sounds terrifying frown

It was definitely an adrenaline-rush. I remember being more pissed at the driver for not driving away than anything. It really all happened so fast; I think the adrenaline rush happened before fear could hit.

The shooter's story was that she recognized the man sitting on the bench as being someone who molested her as a child. He was hospitalized, but presumably because of HIPAA laws (health privacy laws), there was never anymore released on him that I know of. I just looked up her court records. She is being charged with Attempted Murder and a few other things, but I guess that means he lived.
surveySomething child related perhaps...

A few months ago or so, I was caught up in the middle of a shooting at my bus stop. I had just gotten on the bus and sat down right across from the back doors. The shooter stood right in front of me and shot toward the benches. I threw myself on the floor and screamed several things, including "He has a gun!", "Get down!" and to the bus driver, "SHUT THE FUDGING DOORS AND GO!!!"

Turns out, it was a woman in a hoodie, and she was after someone specific. I've never heard anymore about the case since.
surveyTrent Reznor