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"I don't want to go to heaven if it's full of religious freaks." -My mom


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surveyNice try Trump.
surveyNo lol.

I live in a large township outside of a medium to large sized city, surrounded by other large townships, and ALL of it is in a big fat county which is surrounded by other large nearby counties. I'm in a tri-state area, so there are two more sets of state, city, and county police within less than 20 miles of me in different directions.

Also, I work in a downtown area just crawling with cops on horses, bikes, motorcycles, cars, suvs, segways, and foot.

I do not know a single one of their names. Police do not have a good reputation in my area. Two pretty infamous deaths-by-cop have happened here, which I'm sure is part of it.
surveyUgh! You missed the option for ONE boy!

And I think it's more likely my cats and companionship than my milkshake.