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User: gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
Member Since: 26-Jun-2004 Survey Central member for over 13 years
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Name: David topping
Sex: male
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Orientation: straight
Relationships: married
Birthday: 8-Nov-1966 (51.200 years old)

Quotation: Never ask someone to do something you would not be prepared to do yourself

Originally from London, England. I moved to Jamaica in 1992 to work for family. I operate the Duty Free Tobacco store at Montego Bay Airport.
I met my wife Mitzie when she was a customer and her friend gave me her phone number I called her and we started a long distance relationship (She lived in Washington DC) eventually we got married in 1998 and still going strong.

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Most of the regulars know me as someone who gambles on-line, playing poker and I have gambled in Vegas, Atlantic City, Bahamas, Florida and Jamaica. My modest on-line winnings supplement my income.

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My son and I, playing a game of poker........ I caught him bluffing and he lost a ton load of chips to me smile

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surveyNo, Not really smile , There are some im sure but I have only one brother and other family lived far and wide
surveywow , that was dangerous, glad your OK