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User: OfTheSoul
Member Since: 6-May-2003 Survey Central member for over 14 years
Surveys Created: 376
Last On: 21-Aug-2017
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Name: Joe Dougherty
Sex: male
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Politics: centrist
Orientation: gay
Religion: Spiritual but not Religious
Relationships: committed
Birthday: 5-Sep-1966 (51.219 years old)

Quotation: If life is just a game then why is losing in it so costly?

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Recent Comments
surveyWow! An undercover seasoned SC member?
surveyHoly moly. I used to experience sleep paralysis SO often when I was younger. Now, it only occurs a couple times a year. I've researched sleep paralysis - it's not that uncommon, I'm happy (or not) to know. It's scary when it happens - and it happens to me just as you describe. I have to "yell myself awake".
surveyI manage to do this often. I also "hit" when I fall in a dream, although people say you'll die if that happens. I always smack the ground when I fall in a dream.