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User: Lysannus
Member Since: 18-Aug-2009 Survey Central member for over 8 years
Surveys Created: 5
Last On: 1-Dec-2017
Page Hits: 0 today (2 in the last 30 days)
Sex: female
Location: Anyplace there is a computer and a fridge stocked with alcohol or a quiet peaceful place (maybe both wink ) but for now I guess I will settle for NY frown
Politics: centrist
Orientation: lesbian
Religion: Christian/Catholic
Relationships: committed
HomePage: FB -> stephine de
Birthday: 28-Nov

Quotation: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of alcohol and tractors. Just don't mix the last two.

Me, I'm not crazy. Just way off the so called norm.
Come join me in the crazy quiet area of my mind.
I promise to clean it up before you come over wink

Wow me on FB what next laughing out loud a cell phone? Naw not happening.

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survey> What was this place?

About 40 miles west of Wilkes-Barre up in the endless mountains.

surveyIt's black and blue, with 2 buttons and a wheel. It has a skinny little wire coming out of it.
survey> Wait. This survey was created by me?

Well, well , well. wink