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User: CarlHalling
Member Since: 26-Feb-2002 Survey Central member for over 15 years
Surveys Created: 6
Last On: 24-Nov-2017
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Name: Carl Halling
Sex: male
Location: England, UK
Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Born Again

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Recent Comments
surveyI've never heard of it, the last board game I remember having played was monopoly, possibly in my early teens, generations ago now.
surveyI can't remember ever having rolled dice, so no, I think I may have rolled dice from a cup once although why I can't remember.
surveyI really enjoy puncturing the foil of a fresh jar of instant coffee with my finger, and then just pouring it in the cup straight from the jar, even though it means the floor below me tends to be constantly stained by instant coffee granules, but I like the ritual.