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User: Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Member Since: 29-May-2000 Survey Central member for over 17 years
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Sex: female
Location: UK
Politics: very left liberal
Religion: Atheist

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Recent Comments
surveyI sat a really horrible professional exam three and a half weeks ago. In the future, I will help other people prepare for it.
surveyYou know when the corner of your eyelid goes into spasm and it's really annoying, but it usually only lasts for a few minutes or hours at most? I'd give them that, for a few days at a time. They would have to have gaps without it, so that they remembered how nice it was to have a non-twitchy eyelid, but then BAM it would be back.
surveyIt would profoundly upset my world view. I wouldn't particularly want to go to Hell, but it would be hard to know which belief system was right about what would land you there. Can't exactly suddenly embrace every religion going... Then, even if it were clear what you had to do to avoid Hell (e.g. it became apparent that becoming an evangelical Christian would get you to Heaven) then that would still raise the question of whether or not it would be right to embrace those beliefs. I think I'd be more likely to try and participate in a rebellion or the resistance, rather than shrug my shoulders as billions of others were condemned to suffer for all eternity.