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multiple4-Jan-2018productsgambler Silver Star Survey Creator by votes11159.1%


What new piece of technology did you get for Xmas?

Technology, Phone, Tablet, Echo etc you get the picture

5It was a...

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Jan-2018 8:26pm  
I got a printer from my parents for Christmas and a couple of smart plugs from my brother. I had already bought myself an Echo, Echo Dot, smart plug and smart bulbs in the sales before Christmas (mostly a post-exam treat, partly as burglar-deterring strategy before going on holiday for a week).
posted 5-Jan-2018 8:03am  
I've mostly gotten out of the whole gift thing, yay. But, I did buy myself some gaming headphones (Gold Wireless Headset - For Sony PS4) recently.
posted 5-Jan-2018 8:14am  
For Christmas I got a lumberjack style shirt, which has proved very useful in the cold, another shirt, and a bottle of shampoo, which was a bit surplus as I tend to keep my hair very short rather than wash it, but nothing technological.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Jan-2018 12:45pm  
This was a purely analog Christmas for me.
posted 5-Jan-2018 6:49pm  
Security camera the size of a 3" cube. 24/7 recording and accessible from my phone
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Jan-2018 11:57pm  
I got some earbuds.
posted 9-Jan-2018 10:23am  
Santa brought me a kilt. Well it's new technology to me!

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