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multiple13-Dec-2017personal experienceLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes13153.8%


Can you tie something from the past to something in the future?

Remember something you said or did in the past, and link it to something that will happen in the future.

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Dec-2017 1:01pm  
I had a baby in the past. In the future, my kid will do something to annoy me.
posted 14-Dec-2017 7:26pm  
I built a thing out of 2x4s; in the future it will have a honeysuckle growing on it.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Dec-2017 3:43pm  
I sat a really horrible professional exam three and a half weeks ago. In the future, I will help other people prepare for it.
posted 23-Dec-2017 12:51pm  
No cannot remember
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 31-Dec-2017 10:14am  
Because I shared two joints with my SO this morning over coffee, I will probably accomplish very little today, which will make me feel guilty for the entire week ahead.

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