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single12-Apr-2017personalitybill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Silver Star Survey Creator unsorted19152.6%


Which cultural type are you?

Based on The Lonely Crowd, there are three main cultural types: tradition-directed, inner-directed, and other-directed.

Tradition-directed social types obeyed rules established a long time in the past and rarely succeeded in modern society, with its dynamic changes.

This earliest social type was succeeded by people who were inner-directed. They discovered the potential within themselves to live and act not according to established norms but based on what they discovered using their own inner gyroscope. Inner-directed people live as adults what they learned in childhood, and tend to be confident, sometimes rigid.

...other-directed people were flexible and willing to accommodate others to gain approval. "The other-directed person wants to be loved rather than esteemed," not necessarily to control others but to relate to them. Those who are other-directed need assurance that they are emotionally in tune with others.

5A mix of these.
3I don't know.

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Apr-2017 4:48pm  
I think I'm a mix of inner and other. Definitely not tradition.
posted 12-Apr-2017 8:45pm  
Based on the wikipedia link; mostly other-directed, both the good and bad parts of it.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Apr-2017 10:32am  
Mostly inner, but a smidgen of other
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Apr-2017 4:29pm  
Tradition I am a baby boomer from the 50's
LJD Survey Qualifier
posted 14-Apr-2017 2:10am  
posted 16-Apr-2017 7:20am  
I've shifted; I was other directed; now I'm a mixture of inner and tradition directed.
posted 16-Apr-2017 2:05pm  
Inner of course...
jettles Survey Central Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 17-Apr-2017 8:06am  
a mix I think
posted 18-Apr-2017 12:11pm  
I would say mostly inner-directed with a small smattering of other-directed.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Apr-2017 7:38am  
Where does butt-hole fit in this spectrum? Pardon the pun. Beer
posted 21-May-2017 2:37pm  
Pretty equal combination of each.

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