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single3-May-2011ethics/moralityjettles Survey Central Subscriber unsorted40457.9%


Osama Bin Laden is dead. Do we celebrate or not?

I am using "celebrate" as in the impromptu celebrations in front of the White House and on some college campus'. You can define it differently if you want but then please explain "your celebration".

2Can't decide

posted 3-May-2011 7:19pm  
posted 3-May-2011 8:04pm  
I don't give a hoot. As far as I'm concerned; he's been dead for a while or is not dead at all.
posted 4-May-2011 12:35am  
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-May-2011 7:20am  
"An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." - Gandhi

I'm not saying it wasn't justified or an acceptable form of justice for the suffering Bin Laden caused. But, it's also more proof that we as humans continue to fail to evolve socially, morally and ethically. Our darker sides won this round. We wanted revenge, blood for blood, and we got it. We would not have elected a President who did not vow to kill a man we held responsible for 9/11.

I think we are capable of better, but we still have a long way to go before we get there.
posted 4-May-2011 8:53am  
When I see his head on a stick, I'll celebrate.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-May-2011 11:42am  
No. I think it's obnoxious and embarrassing. It's gloating over someone's death. We don't like it when people celebrate having killed one of our citizens; we shouldn't do it either.
posted 4-May-2011 1:56pm  
Sounds a bit weird to me.
posted 4-May-2011 3:52pm  
This is a hard one for me to comment on. While the fact that we're celebrating the brutal and planned death of a person, this is a person responsible for the loss of thousands of lives, and the demoralization of even more. Reading my FB feeds and watching the celebrations, while I understand the motivations behind them, just made me think of how bloodthirsty we're appearing (humans as a whole, not just Americans). I do think this is a cause for celebration, but I don't think they need to be as graphic and unyielding as some are (like the people on FB that would write "Wish I was a fly on the wall when they put a bullet in his brain!").
posted 4-May-2011 4:24pm  
Yes party on and celebrate evil wicked Bin Laden is dead but somebody will take his place
posted 5-May-2011 10:25am  
It is not in my nature to celebrate death, anyone's death. I may think that it's the action /goal was necessary but to run, and jump around with champagne? No, that is kind of strange. Bin Ladden made some very bad decisions and his reign has ended tragically. I can live with that, without a 'celebration'. It's morbid and evil spirited (as we as a people)...having nothing to do with him or any other figure who causes mass destruction.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-May-2011 4:21pm  
No. I find it rather distasteful.
posted 8-May-2011 8:14am  
He's dead. I'm glad he's dead and I really don't care how people act about it.
posted 8-May-2011 4:02pm  
yes. but those idiots over there are still going to do stupid things in their supid belief's name. stupid people do stupid things . i
posted 8-May-2011 4:09pm  
Celebrate since one scumbag is dead. It is up to god to judge Bin was up to the U.S. to arrange the meeting.... I see the twits fussing about his death and burning the flag... Perhaps a Koran should be burnt since the flag means as much to some as a stupid book does to others...
posted 17-May-2011 3:50pm  
It was pointed out on the Bill Marr show that christians don't kill their enemies, do they? Do we hunt them down and shoot them in the face? And if we do are we Christian? Just some food for thought. When my boyfriend mentioned the topic, my automatic response, as I have been religious all my life, without thinking, I said, it is too bad we have to kill people, as I thought of what it must have been like for him for the military to break into his home all the sudden, and then... his life on this planet for him is gone. Loss of life is so sad. When are we on this planet going to mature up a little bit, stop acting like a bunch of freaking apes... (men...) and start talking through our problems. In truth, it might help some people to watch just a little more tv and see shows when this is done. I have found it interesting to see how much people on some of these sitcoms talk. Can you imagine how many more men we would have on this planet, if they weren't out there killing each other... and it is mostly men too. I don't know if there is an answer for human peace, I just think historically it is a real tragedy to think back to the civil war and know that 600,000 men were killed, they were all americans and we were killing each other. In fact, I am a single female and actually wish there were more men out there, I could use a guy who could take care of me and work, but the pickings are slim. I'm afraid of how many genuinly good people we have lost. Is there an answer, can we ever stop fighting, war, killing... by other means. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, and the amount of information out there about ourselves and understanding others is amazing. Also information on how to communicate with others. I am sure there will always be the bad egg, and perhaps Osama was one, kind of like hitler. My religion teaches me that we are all the same and I needed to learn even how to forgive someone like hitler. Now perhaps we need to each ask ourselves, including say Obama, if we were the one that had to hold the gun and shoot it at an intended target, would we do it, should we do it, and could there be a better way? Perhaps osama would have been taken into custody, and there were people there who started to shoot first, so it could have been considered self defense, which might be a legitamate reason to use a weapon can kill, and stop someone dead in their tracks from taking the most precious thing you have away, your life. Relief might be a better word, other than celebrate. At the very least we have taught that if you are going to fight with us, then will will find you. It is not a wonder though that men come back messed up from wars and what not when they have been forced to kill other people. The loss of such a precious gift of life and the taking of such leaves much to consider, because, would you want to lose yours? I think not, and I think death is incomprehensible to many of us, and the idea of taking another's life leaves us with an uncomprehensible feeling of... what exactly did we do? How could that be right, life is just so so irreplacable and amazing, who born on this planet doesn't "deserve" it? No matter how mislead they are. I could go on, but I am thinking I should not take up too much more space. Can't we just ... "get along". Marriane Williamson says there probably when there are only five people left of the planet, they will look at each other and say, "we better learn how to get along". Hopefully, it won't come to that. Perhaps what you think, you will get.
posted 18-May-2011 8:32am  
We can only "get along" if all sides choose to. Until then, it's lawyers, guns, and money.
posted 14-Jun-2011 3:56pm  

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