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1What was the year, make, and model of the first vehicle you ever owned?55.4%  
2Are you a "green light anticipator" or a "yellow light accelerator"?54.2%  
3Driven Mad: Do you let "lane cheaters" in?53.7%  
4How many times while driving do you let the blinkers flash when changing lanes?58.0%  
5What percentage of traffic laws do you obey?54.0%  
6You are driving along and hit somebody with your motor vehicle, would you know that you hit someone ?50.0%  
7Do you think that some newer GM cars are not safe to drive?50.0%  
8Are GM General Motors cars safe to drive?50.0%  
9Do you think the government is right targeting truck drivers the way they are?42.9%  
10Do you think that people should slow down while driving on icy snow packed roads?53.7%  
11Are seniors age 75 thru 85 some of the worse drivers?50.0%  
12Have you ever known someone who died in a car crash?55.4%  
13For those of you who live in a region where it gets cold, do you have some type of engine block heater for your vehicle?52.2%  
14What car company makes the best minivan?56.5%  
15Would you prefer to have somebody else do the driving instead of you?52.0%  
16Have you ever been to a car or truck show?50.0%  
17Which seat do you prefer when a passenger in a car?54.2%  
18How fast you would drive on a highway with no speed limit?48.4%  
19Can you rank these countries in order according to the number of passenger cars they manufacture?59.6%  
20What is the correct thing to do here?53.9%  
21How many car accidents have you been in?52.9%  
22Are you a backseat driver?58.3%  
23Is the price of gas and oil causing you to drive less?55.9%  
24Has any one seen my car keys?55.9%  
25When do you fill the gas/diesel tank on your vehicle?62.8%  
26What are some of the stupidest things you have seen in traffic, if anything?61.1%  
27How often do you get angry while you are driving an automobile?60.0%  
28Do you feel that the amount of vehicle traffic within the area you live is within reason?54.4%  
29When was the last time you cleaned your car?57.7%  
30Have you been in a car accident? What happen?52.7%