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1Do you plan to purchase a lottery ticket for the estimated $300 million Big Game jackpot?53.2%  
2As a child did you ever make up a funny song that you would keep singing?56.4%  
3Has the threat of terrorist activity caused you to change your New Year's Eve plans?47.1%  
4Are you happy in your job?60.2%  
5Have you ever seen a shooting star?57.5%  
6Are you covered by a health insurance plan?56.4%  
7How many hours on average do you work per week?52.6%  
8Can you curl your tongue?52.8%  
9Which of the following investments are you using to save for your retirement?53.2%  
10Do you believe that Social Security retirement benefits will still be available when you retire?54.5%  
11Which is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?62.7%  
12Would you like to have the survey rating divided into two separate ratings, one for content and one for style?58.2%  
13Please choose the following option that best fits your view on abortion and the death penalty.60.2%  
14Have you been keeping track of the impeachment trial of President Clinton?48.3%  
15Do you feel that firearm manufacturers should be held financially liable for deaths and injuries caused by the weapons they produce?62.7%  
16Suppose that through some twist of fate you were given the opportunity to become the President of the United States. Would you?52.6%  
17When you watch TV, do you do so with a light on in the room?49.2%  
18Do you have a dog in your home?57.4%  
19Do you have a cat in your home?55.3%  
20Do you use energy saving lightbulbs in your home?53.6%  
21How many plants do you have in your home?55.9%  
22For those who wear corrective lenses for vision. Would you have corrective laser eye surgery performed if you had the extra money to pay for it?51.8%  
23In what part of the country do you live?50.9%  
24Will you vote in the elections next week?55.6%  
25Do you think the current NASA mission with John Glenn returning to space is nothing more than a publicity stunt?53.4%  
26Will you get a flu shot?54.7%  
27Do you usually do something special on significant anniversary dates?53.8%  
28How do you like your coffee?55.6%  
29Should President Clinton be impeached?54.9%  
30Are you treated fairly at work (school) by your supervisors (teachers)?52.6%