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posted 26-Sep-2017 5:37am  
Wimpy; there was a time, it was the most visible fast food restaurant in the UK I'd say; which meant kids, like me, loved it, even though I suspect my parents weren't so keen. I was eating there as recently as the 1980s, although today, there are only 80 Wimpy restaurants in the UK.
Name a famous fast food restaurant.
posted 21-Sep-2017 4:51pm  
Yes my kids love carrot cake and so do I
Do you like to eat carrot cake?
posted 17-Aug-2017 3:38pm  
I am new to survey central and yes I have had some ideas but forgot what they were and I keep on trying to come up with something for a new survey and my first time here I could ask my kids and my friends
Elusive Ideas: Have you ever thought of a great idea for a survey, then forgot it the next time you want to create one here at SC?
posted 26-Jun-2017 6:57pm  
When I was a kid, there was this giant cow that appeared at different gas stations for 50-100 miles around. It was for some brand of dairy - maybe Traut or Borden's. Maybe there were many cows, but to us kids - it was one cow that just moved around from place to place. She had a tow hitch so that she could be hauled around, and a giant hole in her belly. We could climb up under the cow and stick our heads inside the cavernous cow belly. That cow was awesome.
Name a famous cow.
posted 26-Jun-2017 7:03pm  
Pete Rose.

When I was a kid, we participated every year in a program for the library. We read so many books, and received free tickets to a Red's game. My parents would buy their own tickets, but we kids earned ours.
Name a famous baseball player.
posted 5-Aug-2017 3:02pm  
No. I look at those photos and say, nope that house has never seen kids.
Do you like looking at room design pictures?
posted 27-Apr-2017 4:30am  
I like kids
Do you ever regret being right?
posted 29-Jul-2017 5:19pm  
Willy Wonka and chocolate factory my kids love it
Name a famous factory.
posted 5-Mar-2017 10:50am  
> and we will
> cause economic troubles as employers lose their workers (certain industries depend
> heavily on them, could put these businesses out of business, cause prices to rise
> on those goods, etc.).

Not to mention kids losing their parents.
Is hiring illegals much different from paying a legal citizen cash 'under the table'?
posted 15-Jan-2017 11:20am  
All of those except trams and horses.
Plus skateboards, a lot of kids ride those around here.
What forms of transport can you hear from your home?
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