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single29-Jul-2017personal experienceOfTheSoul unsorted19157.9%

Eyes On the Hands: If you wake during the night, do you look to see what time it is?

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Total Votes% of VotersFemale VotesMale VotesUnspecified Votes% of Female Votes% of Male Votes% of Unspecified VotesAverage AgeAnswer
947.4%45..50.0%50.0%..49.7Yes, all the time.
736.8%34..37.5%40.0%..55.0Yes, sometimes.
..................I'm not sure.
15.3%..1....10.0%....No. If I wake during the night, I simply go back to sleep.
..................I don't ever wake until my alarm sounds.
15.3%1....12.5%......Wake up, creator - my option isn't here [OTHER]:
RatingTotalFemaleMaleUnspecifiedAverage Age
No Opinion1688053.8
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber reasonable
posted 29-Jul-2017 8:31pm
dab reasonable
posted 28-Jul-2017 10:04pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator reasonable
posted 28-Jul-2017 2:48pm
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator reasonable
posted 28-Jul-2017 1:20pm
FordGuy reasonable
posted 28-Jul-2017 10:24am
OfTheSoul N/A
posted 28-Jul-2017 8:00am
What time zone are you in???
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator old
posted 28-Jul-2017 7:16am
The question and explanation are subtly different questions. I suspect the question in the explanation is the one that you are intending to ask. For example, it's relatively uncommon for me to fully wake in the night, but if I do, I almost always look at the time. If I were answering the question, I would say, "Yes, sometimes" but if I were answering the explanation, I would select, "Yes, all the time"

Good to have you back smile
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator old
posted 28-Jul-2017 7:13am