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Surveys - (55.3% ave rating) - 1 to 10 of 10
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1What do you regularly hang around your neck?61.8%  
2In your current home, how long have you had the possession you have had for the longest?58.8%  
3Do you like eating breadsticks?57.1%  
4Do you like to eat carrot cake?56.3%  
5What was the last thing that you baked?55.9%  
6Have you ever walked a dusty road on a breezy day and got grit in your hair?53.6%  
7Do you have a favorite place (or places) that you have never visited?53.6%  
8Are you having an identity crisis?52.8%  
9Why do you think people get annoyed at this?52.8%  
10Do you like to eat chicken nuggets?50.0%