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"I don't want to go to heaven if it's full of religious freaks." -My mom


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surveyI figured you were one of us wink.
surveyEverything is over-prescribed here. My friend's mom has been on morphine for a decade - for foot neuropathy. My doctor's former office is now the location of a pain clinic. The parking lot is always packed. Xanax and Klonopin are prescribed pretty freely. What I see the most these days (family, friends, kid, SO) for generalized anxiety disorder IS a combination of anti-depressant and Buspar. There were some recent changes to law that require more frequent office visits for pain meds or benzos, and also - drug screening. I was recently "accidentally" drug screened by my doctor's office, who found THC in the system. It put me at risk for losing the Klonopin. Right now, my doctor is hoping the laws catch up soon. Ohio has legalized medically but there's no one licensed to manufacture or prescribe it.

Oh, and I don't know what things are like there, but I could pretty easily access all sorts of opiates (within an hour), not that I would: my drug of choice is weed. Though, maybe the problem there is who I know, not where I live wry smile Or a little bit of both.
surveyIt's interesting that the thing you guys are using off-label for anxiety is a beta-blocker, and we're over here using antihistamines. I could probably come up with a list of different types that were prescribed to kid for anxiety, as well as to me for use as a sleep aid. In fact, I was with kid's dad for 7-8 years while he was treated various ways for anxiety, and kid and my current SO are both being treated for anxiety -- none of them were ever offered a beta blocker. Is it something that would be prescribed to be used on a long-term basis? I did (a teensy bit of reading), and it seems like it could be another option for kid and SO.

The article I was looking at listed three choices for anxiety: Benzos(my Klonopin, and the Xanax kid's dad was addicted to), Buspar(which the SO and kid both take), and Beta-Blockers -- no antihistamines(which as you suggested, don't really help).


I'm really sorry about the exam. I'm sure you'll crush it next time.