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User: thecomic22
Member Since: 21-Jul-2005 Survey Central member for over 12 years
Surveys Created: 123
Last On: 9-Mar-2015
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Sex: female
Location: Sweet Southern Mississippi
Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Other
Relationships: single
Birthday: 29-Jun


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I've been told that some women find a little body odor attractive on their men, the research behind this is compelling, but honest opinion women, what do you think?
What would you do if you realize you don't have enough money with you after finishing a meal at a restaurant?
Have you ever had to use crumpled newspaper in a restroom because you ran out of toilet paper?
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surveyI make the best of the life I've been given.
surveyNot for me.
surveySome days, I don't even wanna fathom what goes on in the male mind.