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User: southernyankee
Member Since: 17-Sep-2001 Survey Central member for over 15 years
Surveys Created: 113
Last On: 17-Jan-2017
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Sex: male
Location: new orleans
Politics: libertarian
Orientation: straight
Religion: Agnostic
Relationships: single
Birthday: 24-Jan-1982 (34.984 years old)

Quotation: "Stand up and get crunk."

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surveyYeah, I was thinking the whole time "why didn't this get corrected in qual as thats the kind of thing that would get caught right away". I was just too lazy to go look at qual and see if that was the actual case.
surveyIs it a black cat?
surveyProbably facebook. At this point, they're so entrenched in everyday life I doubt that a competitor will take them down anytime soon. Also, they seem to be pretty proactive with adding new features. Youtube might outlast them, maybe. The rest probably won't be around in 30 years.