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surveyremove all love songs from your hard drive, no love movies, no love songs on the radio, pharmaceuticals
surveyinfatuation is a temp, sort of passing time, no harm, no foul, unless you act on it & the subject has real feelings for you. On the other hand, an infatuation can turn to love, which can be awesome if mutual, or just another country song if not
surveyI had to have my dog euthanized just 4 days short of his 15th birthday, and I had him since he was 5 weeks old. I loved my dog, and he was hurting, would only get worse. I assume in this scenario I also love my relative. Why should I deny her/him peace and relief from suffering? Who the heck would I think I was, that I would feel justified in obstructing the right of an individual to be the boss of his/her own body? That's just wrong.