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User: rocky221
Member Since: 13-Nov-2008 Survey Central member for over 9 years
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Last On: 5-Dec-2008
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Sex: female
Location: Hawaii
Orientation: straight
Relationships: single
Birthday: 5-Nov-1976 (41.111 years old)

Quotation: The worst thing in life is wasted talent.

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After dating him for only 1 month, Do I wait 1 year for him to return from Iraq without dating anyone else?
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survey"Dating others"- would lead to more if I like them a lot. I told him I would try to wait- but I wouldn't call it a commitment to wait- just that I would make a good effort on my behalf. So I've stayed away from the bars etc. that single people would go to meet other single people. I'm not sure what I want to do, I guess that's why I want to see if I get some ideas from you guys- maybe a point of view that I've yet not considered- so I appreciate the thoughts you guys have given this- I'm taking it all in- thanks.
surveyyeah Kirst, I think the whole 'he's making sacrifices for our country' has given this some kind of romanticism that I would'nt normally fall for. I do like him a lot, but the extra- putting myself out of the market, has a lot to do with the circumstances of the situation.
surveyoh sorry the reply was to Kirst.