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User: paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
Member Since: 2-Nov-2003 Survey Central member for over 14 years
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Name: Paul Winter
Sex: male
Location: somewhewre in WI
Orientation: straight
Religion: Other
Relationships: single
Birthday: 22-Nov-1972 (45.064 years old)

Quotation: "you tell me and we'll all know"

"Survey Says!"

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surveyThere was a York Steak House at a mall me and my father would shop at once a month (or every 6 weeks) and almost every time we shopped there I had to stop at York Steak House just to have that steak flavored hamburger along with soup and desert. I was shocked and disappointed when I found out that they were closed when I was about to walk into the door and I seen the gate down, and was told that they went out of business. York was replaced by the food court which was added to the mall.
surveyA former coworker