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surveyIt is true that time is the only real healer in this - but that is not to say that positive thoughts and hope will not help along the way.

What you have to do is begin to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. The reality of the situation is that what has been has been - catch yourself thinking in the past.. grabbing hold of things they once said to you in hope that it means something now - you need to forget these and look forward. What is great though is that reality is also that you will one day experience the same and even stronger love than you have done this time around. With WHOEVER that may be.. it could even be the one you have lost love this time (if they are still around). The truth is YOU... DO.. NOT.. KNOW and all you can do is have hope and let time do the rest.

When you catch yourself thinking about this person.. stop yourself and refocus the energy on yourself.. this may be hard at first as all you want to do is think about them and you may feel that 'letting go' is just too much.. but when you realise that focusing on yourself is the ONLY choice to move forward.. and in fact the only way you will have the slightest chance of getting with someone else or even this same person again.

Use the time to improve on yourself.. this pain is taking up huge amounts of energy in yourself - take this energy - think big - and create a new more real and happy you.

And it is true also that you will never stop loving someone.. but you will.. over time.. be able to look at a photo of this person.. with warmth.. and smile that they are happy.. even though you are not with them. You can too.. with time.. still spend time together (although at first it may be advisable not to). This isn't goodbye.. it's just moving forward.

Best wishes to all in this situation.