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User: natsim
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surveyI would think about how when I fell off my bike and landed on my face that every stranger I met thought that my husband or boyfriend had beaten me up. At the time I thought that its a very sad world when that's our first assumption about a woman with an injured face. On the other hand, it was good that a couple of people were genuinely concerned - it's good to know that people care about strangers.
surveyIt's nice, but it's better when it's the people celebrating the birthday rather than the staff. Once I was at a restaurant where a choir were celebrating a birthday of one of their members - after singing Happy Birthday in the most beautiful way, they then went to another table to sing Happy Birthday to someone else - and after dessert they just started singing medieval drinking songs. I know, that's not the staff of the restaurant, but it's a good excuse to tell the story.
surveyNone of the above. I watch DVDs from my local library. Therefore I spend no movie dollars.
But I donate books to my library...