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User: mandy
Member Since: 22-Mar-1999 Survey Central member for over 18 years
Surveys Created: 227
Last On: 30-Jun-2015
Page Hits: 0 today (1 in the last 30 days)
Sex: female
Location: Anacortes, Washington
Politics: very socialist
Orientation: non-sexual
Religion: Spiritual but not Religious
Relationships: married
Birthday: 4-Feb-1967 (50.863 years old)

Quotation: Love is all you need

I am so happy to be back at SC. I have made so many wonderful friends here, people who have touched my life and taught me things and helped me grow. To my dearest SC friends....I Love You all! Thank you for making my life better.

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Would you ever get a tattoo on your face?
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Recent Comments
surveyI tremble when focused on anything that requires concentration and hand eye coordination. From meal preparation to things like plucking my eyebrows or writing. Not sure why. I thought it was my anxiety. Maybe it is.
surveyI wish I never had to dress at all. I never dress up anymore. I am lucky if I feel good enough to wear real clothes at all. I rock the PJ's, adore scrubs and yoga pants are my friends.