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surveyHave u had sex with him? That might be y he's meaner to u.
Everyone I loved/liked I had huge feelings for them and intense longings to be with them.
I started feeling that way since kindergarten and I love/like multiple ppl at once.
I had a huge crush on a celebrity and as school started, I was so busy I got totally over him.
Ppl long for love becuz they think it's going to be the happiest pleasure on earth. Well it's only gonna last for a few years and u get sick of it. Also that person will change as time goes by,for example their beauty might fade, events in life might change their character and by the time these things start to happen, you've already done everything exciting with them enough (sex, cuddling, hobbies etc) and that huge longing for those things will go away cuz you've alreadydone it enough. not only that u will know things about them that r displeasing to u, snobbish, or disgusting. love is just a tease, the only pleasure is fantasizing. fantasizing is controlled by u and nothing negative comes out of it. Also think of yourself as better than them and realize that they dont deserve this kind of praise. If they dont want u, u might as well say i dont want u either becuz u will be happier being the heartbreaker with someone worse than ur love/crush than be the heartbroken. Just forget about love and find other distractions that r a lot more worthwhile and might eventually lead to the other way around, u r the heartbreaker and finding a lover will be waaay easier. since I'm just a student right now, I have endless goals to reach my dream life and only a couple of years of suffering is needed. Credits to my mom lol.