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surveyI don't have a clue. I am 58 and had a much younger lover. The sex was terrific and the non sex was even better. She lit up my eyes. Today I got dumped and I have been crying like a baby. I feel no ill feelings toward her and would welcome her back with open arms (Damn, I am a sucker, huh). I have NEVER been in love this hard before. The end just came out of the clear blue. I had an old friend (male) come buy and we talked which helped alot. We made3 a date to play golf tomorrow morning. Golf helps me to relax. I have stopped crying. I read something beautiful the other day and sent it to her... "I wish I could return to this world as one of your tears... I would be born of your eyes, live on your cheek, and die on your lips" author unknown. I guess I will be okay. Just right now, I hurt so bad. Love never hurt this bad in all my life. I guess I need to leave the young one alone.