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User: icurok
Member Since: 17-Apr-2000 Survey Central member for over 17 years
Surveys Created: 145
Last On: 24-Nov-2017
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Sex: male
Location: Derbyshire, England
Politics: left liberal
Orientation: straight
Religion: Atheist
Relationships: committed
Birthday: 19-May-1975 (42.572 years old)

Quotation: Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

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surveyThe same thoughts I have about this video

.. and this one

surveyI've no idea. I'm heterosexual and I don't know that I was born that way as I don't have any memories prior to the age of two.

To say that people are born gay suggests that babies are born with sexuality. I think if I'd winked at the midwife in the delivery room and said, "Hey, how you doing?" my mother probably would have told me. Perhaps instead we should say that we are born predestined to be gay or straight.

Further, I don't think sexuality is something that activates like a switch. It's a gradual awakening. I remember long stretches of my childhood just flat out disliking girls because they were yucky and gross and liked stupid, pointless things like My Little Pony and Barbie. However, at the same time I remember watching the video to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by Tight Fit when I was 7 and having thoughts I couldn't quite articulate but which involved the words leotard, leopard and sandwich.

It's worth pointing out also that as someone who is not gay, I grew up surrounded by straight couples on my street, at my school, in my town and on my TV. Even in my most girl hating days, I knew with grudging acceptance that when I grew up I would be expected to settle down with a woman and although this thought scared the bejeezus out of me, it wasn't because I secretly wanted to settle down with a man. And, as I grew older my antipathy of girls slowly turned into a despondency that girls seemed to strongly dislike me - and I had no control over this at all. So I can't imagine what it's like to grow into your teens and have feelings that go against the norm. Who would choose that?
surveyUnfortunately, I think that ship has sailed.

Because of all the extra work I have now (plus mentoring new people) I don't have any time during office hours to do much more than idly check twitter for trending topics that aren't related to Justin Bieber.

And by the time I've got the kids to bed and read them stories (currently reading Book 8 in the Series of Unfortunate Events) the idea of answering surveys without getting dragged into trying to explain why there are still monkeys, or why having an NHS doesn't make the UK a socialist hell hole, or why atheists aren't necessarily amoral nihilists is less appealing then curling up on the sofa next to my partner with a glass of wine and watching a DVD without falling asleep 20 minutes from the end!

The main reason I do pop back from time to time, is because SC is like my pensieve. It's the closest thing I've ever had to a diary and holds information I like to dig out and dust off occasionally.