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User: iamdonte
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Religion: Spiritual but not Religious
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surveyI have several 35MM camera....because I want to do darkroom stuff and create art photos using special filters and lenses, I will keep using 35mm. The digital experience is not the same as it is with film photography. If it is something that I want a quick photo of, I'll use digital.....but for art purposes, I'll stick with film.
surveyI lived in Louisiana far too long not to have emergency supplies year round...batteries, candles, flashlights, battery operated tv and radio, MRE's, firewood (for winter storms), paper goods, etc are all in a storage box and ready to be brought out at any given time.
surveyWhen I was a teen/young adult they were (in no particular order):
1. Michael Learned
2. Angie Dickinson
3. Glenn Close
4. Sharon Gless
5. Sharon Stone

I haven't had crushes on the famous since I was about 18.