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surveyNetworking would imply that you know or would be able to know the same people in real life, and that they would be good references in helping you to get a job/advance your career. Plus, there are certain things about a person that you can pick up on by spending just an hour of time with that person that takes months to figure out while spending time, online. Also, location is important. And as long as distance is a barrier, there's not much you can do in the way of networking.

Also, talking online has not been proven to be a good social tool. I have actually become more antisocial. Most of my friends are online. People can call it a social networking site. But it isn't real social networking, just a substitute.
surveyI play Warcraft, I wear T-shirts from, my favorite book is "The Hitchhiker's Complete Guide to the Galaxy". Anne Mccaffrey is one of my most favorite authors. I also have AS, which makes me socially awkward. I have an odd gait (thanks to ataxia). I am a big fan of anime and video games. I've watched "old school"anime. LARP is fun. Once I learn a little about something new, I automatically become intensely interested in the subject to the point that I forego other things that would be classified as yawn "normal". I relate better to fictional characters, than to actual people.
survey(I was touching)--a bottle of lotion (left), and a(n) HP Deskjet copier/printer/scanner