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User: docgbrown
Member Since: 13-Sep-2005 Survey Central member for over 12 years
Surveys Created: 29
Last On: 31-Mar-2013
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Name: Greg Brown
Sex: male
Politics: libertarian
Orientation: straight
Relationships: married
Birthday: 24-Dec

Play nice with others

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Recent Comments
surveyToo thick, anchovies, any kind of veggies on it
surveyYes, both good dreams and nightmares for my first two kids. No bad dreams with my next two kids. Phew
surveyDepending on my mood, I kan enjoi making speling erors or leave them. I think it takes a lot of imagintion to com up with knew wayz to misspell words, sew iffn' ur doin' it on purpose I can appreaciate it