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User: diabeticdave
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Sex: male
Location: Connecticut
Orientation: straight
Relationships: divorced
Birthday: 19-Aug

Quotation: There are NO vesions of the truth. Be real or be gone

Indifference is todays fatal disease. People die because of it, we go to war because of it, no one holds the door as you walk in behind them anymore because of it. Everybody has the "ME FIRST" and "SCREW YOU" attitude. It's making people starve in our own country as we export mega tons of food. People go untreated who need medical care, and miilions of children suffer and die because of it. Just turn your head and put you fingers in your ears and it will all go away. Manners, curtiuosy, honor, honesty, and loyalty are things most people today would have to look up in the dictionary to find the meaning of. Just think what a difference you would see if everybody in the world did just one random act of kindness one day a week to one person !!!!!! I'm a child of the sixties when everyone was good and kind to each other, and cared about things. Did we grow up to be worse than the parents we tried so hard NOT to be like ?

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