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User: danielle001
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Quotation: i am a pre-op M2F transgender

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surveyI so desperately from as far back as i can remember, wanted to be a girl. I finally at the age of 13 got to experience life as a girl. Just on weekends and at home in the evenings afterschool, but it was an experience that showed me and convinced my mother that i was a much happier person in girl mode. in boy mode i had always been a quiet, shy, detached, moody, dark, unhappy person that always got picked on at school and got into fights. In girl mode i became a happy, bubbly, outgoing, bouncy beautiful person. right after i turned 16 mom got transfered, in her job, from new jersey to oklahoma. She allowed me to show up in oklahoma as a girl and i was allowed to stay in girl mode full time. when school started that fall i got to enroll in a small private school as a girl. I havent returned to boy mode at all since then and I am wonderfully happy. I cant wait till my body matches who i am now.
surveySLUT? lol Sabryna
surveysure why not although i perfer to see young boys wearing open toed strappy heels that make their butt look yummy in tight girly jeans. =)