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User: cprasky
Member Since: 10-Mar-2009 Survey Central member for over 8 years
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Name: Curt Prasky
Sex: male
Location: Portsmouth, VA
Politics: very libertarian
Orientation: bisexual
Religion: Agnostic
Relationships: committed
Birthday: 29-Jun-1957 (60.406 years old)

Quotation: The optimist proclaims we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true. -James B. Cabel April 14, 1879 - May 5, 1958

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survey> Sorry, you're misinformed

Sorry, I'm not. There is a great difference between knowledge and application. Knowledge of water treatment has been around, but not generally disseminated, for a long time. While the Greeks, Indians and Egyptians had some knowledge of water treatment, that was not the water generally available to the bulk of their populations.
The driving impetus behind that treatment was taste, not safety, and as such was usually available to the upper classes, not the general population. Note my exact words: "Public water treatment did not actually start in earnest until 1854 in England..." (emphasis added) No, a century and a half, no more, since pure, safe drinking water has been generally available to most people in our society.
surveyMy answer is not on here as a choice. My life is not pointless and meaningless. I suppose the author of this survey will take that as "I diligently protect my self-delusion that my life is not pointless and meaningless".
So be it. I take that as the self-delusion on the part of the author that he/she actually knows something the rest of us don't.
survey> I never said destroy capitalism

Okay, sorry. I thought though that it was implied in your statement that you see nothing good in capitalism.

> I'm talking about 2011
> As I said, this is 2011

Yes, I know what time it is. I am talking about the present too. But 2011 does not exist as an independent bubble in time. Neither the rose-colored glasses of infinite optimism nor the the black glasses of infinite despair provide us with a reasonable perspective from which to evaluate where we now stand. No, we need the lens of history to obtain a good evaluation of our society. Public water treatment did not actually start in earnest until 1854 in England when the scientist John Snow discovered that a cholera epidemic was started by contamination of well water with sewage. He found that applying chlorine to the drinking water rendered it safe to drink. British municipal governments then began installing water treatment facilities which used sand filters and chlorine disinfection. In the United States, water treatment did not get fully under way until the 1890s. So let us say that water treatment as we currently understand it has only been a fixture in our society for about a century and a half. Today water treatment is pretty much the norm throughout the industrialized world. This is amazingly fast, especially when you consider that the need was recognized even before germ theory was fully accepted. So it seems just a bit naive to be wringing our hands over the fact that there are still people without easy access to safe clean drinking water. I have no doubt that as time progresses more and more people over more and more of the world will have such access.

Now, from the outset, water treatment was looked on as a responsibility of government, to be paid for out of taxes. In fact, I personally disagree with this approach, but I will not argue it at the moment. Allow me instead to point out that since municipal water treatment began century and a half ago, more and more and ever more more obligations and responsibilities have been loaded upon the back of government, from providing food and jobs to housing and universal healthcare. That cannot go on forever. Eventually the system will break down under its own weight. It has happened before; Egypt, Persia, Rome and yes, eventually modern 21st society if we don't learn to recognize what the actual proper functions of government should be and what should reasonably be the responsibility of the citizens themselves.