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User: cloudhugger
Member Since: 4-May-2005 Survey Central member for over 12 years
Surveys Created: 371
Last On: 2-Apr-2015
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Sex: female
Location: South of Chicago. Sometimes Michigan. Otherwise I'll be out west in Nebraska or Colorado. You may see me in South Dakota. Or Wisconsin...I like cows.
Orientation: bisexual
Religion: Other
Relationships: committed
HomePage: {imgt} 50 41{imgt}
Birthday: 26-Jan-1961 (56.828 years old)

Quotation: Let's talk about reality, shall we meet at your place of or mine?


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surveyYes. Linda MUST know some hiking ditties to sing along to.
surveySalivating salty surprise of supreme sensuousness is a sweet and satisfying sensation in every sense of the say!
survey yes smiley:::grin