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Name: Bill Marrs
Sex: male
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Relationships: married

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surveyMany things, off the top of my head: an old drill with a frayed cord, a chair I used to sit in and loved but the armrest started falling apart (I wrapped it with something then we moved it to a corner a few years ago and rarely use it, but still have it), cat condo (just started taking off the smelly top to replace that with something maybe), old slipper/shoes, old TiVOs, old computers that I should recycle (but that's tricky), wife's iPad has flaky wifi after many years, I have an old android tablet with a similar issue that I use for app development, a wheelbarrow that kept getting a flat tire. probably should have replaced the whole thing but I got a new tire for it that turned out to be too-big so I dented the barrow part to allow the tire to spin freely; still using it but it's not pretty. I could go on and on... I tend to like old things and feel wary of new things (which seem to often be not quite right or cost a lot, etc.)
surveyI almost never iron. I know I have, a few years ago, something... but I forget what it was. I think I may have had some shirts that get wrinkly. I'm sure I stopped wearing them.
surveyNot sure. I think I'm prone to having more than one opinion or impression of what might be right. Also, I forget details later. So, it's hard to say if I was right later.