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User: autumnlight
Member Since: 15-Jul-2000 Survey Central member for over 17 years
Surveys Created: 49
Last On: 30-May-2017
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Sex: female
Location: Manchester, England
Politics: left liberal
Orientation: straight
Religion: Atheist
Relationships: committed
Birthday: 15-Aug-1984 (33.275 years old)

Quotation: You must be the change you wish to see in the world

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Recent Comments
surveyYes, when I was a passenger in a car accident when I was a child.
surveyI fell asleep during my A level english literature exam on Othello. I'd stayed up all night studying the night before and then fell asleep half way through the exam. I got a D, which brought my overall grade for the A Level down to a B so it's a good job I did well in my other exams and coursework.