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User: aquawolfy
Member Since: 15-Apr-2008 Survey Central member for over 9 years
Surveys Created: 36
Last On: 2-Feb-2009
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Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Catholic
Birthday: 13-Jun-1991 (26.503 years old)

Well I'm 16 years old and still in highschool. My dream and current goal is to become a wildlife biologist and study large carnivorous animals, wolves in particular. I've been trying to find colleges and universities that major in zoology but, financially, I haven't had much luck.

I love to take and edit pictures on Photoshop and make cool designs and effects like this:
I'm also currently learning to make animations and cartoons.

My favorite types of music are Rock and country. Some of my favorite bands are Led-Zeppelin, Queen, Three Doors Down, Rascal Flatts, Lynyrd Skynrd (spelling?), Snowpatrol, and My Chemical Romance. Not in the order of favorites of course.....
I like to read and draw.

That's all I can think of to say right now so........ yup.

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