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surveywow reading all this stuff...saddens me but cheers me up at the same time. I can honestly say that I am in love with sum1 who doesnt love me...i didnt want to say it cuz my heart is fragile, but it wont lie. I am suffering knowing that the person is so close to me...but that there is no chance. It stings like no other pain I have felt. This person is really special to me. He is everything I am lookin for in a guy. I think we wud b great but he jus does not c me in that way. It is literally killing me inside. My heart is slowing torturing itself bcuz of my feelings for him.

I am so glad that sum1 posted this bcuz I was going crazy looking for the answer. Hearing all these opinions and stories made me realize-yes, I am in love with him...but I MUST move on. I must. If I dont, it will just be emotional torture from there. Time really is the best healer...yea it will hurt...but eventually the pain goes away. It might be awhile for me....but I know im strong. All ppl have the will to survive.