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Quotation: In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.

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surveyIt was when I had a corneal tear in my right eye. Even 22 years later, the memory of it brings it back like it was yesterday. It brought me to my knees!

I was sitting in church one Sunday, and my right eye was watering and a little itchy. I figured an eyelash or something got under my contact, so I took it out, expecting immediate relief. What I got instead was the sensation of the brightest flashlight in the world being shined directly at my retina, and my eye started watering so much, I thought some kind of faucet turned on inside my head. Within seconds of that, the pain hit. It was like a hot skewer being slowly pushed right into the middle of my eye, like a half-inch at a time, because the pain just got worse and worse with every passing minute. I had to leave church because I couldn't sit still anymore. Don't ask me how I managed to drive myself home, one hand on the wheel, the other covering my eye. Within 20 minutes, I was quite literally writhing in pain on my living room floor, pleading with God to heal me or just kill me. Yeah, it was that bad!

I took a bunch of Tylenol over the next several hours, but never slept very well. I went to an ophthalmologist first thing in the morning. (NOTE: Ophthalmologists are for injuries and diseases; optometrists are for vision correction.) I was keeping my eyelid shut so tight because of the pain, he had to practically pry it open with a crowbar. He finally squeezed some numbing drops in there -- oh, the bliss!! -- and he was able to examine it. He said I had the biggest corneal tear he'd ever seen in a non-accident victim. He suspected that my contact lens had caused an ulcer on my cornea, and when I removed the lens, I removed the blistered corneal layer with it. He drew a picture to show me the size and location of the tear; it was about 3/4 the size of my iris.

He prescribed some antibiotic drops with more of the blissful numbing medicine mixed in. So blissful, in fact, that once my cornea was healed several weeks later, he took away the leftover drops. It seems they are addictive! Can you imagine? Addictive eye drops, of all things? But I must admit, I was very sad when he took them away. Turns out that numbing medicine was a cocaine derivative! Yikes! But I was very grateful for it. My sister's friend had a corneal tear once, and she said the pain of delivering her five babies was much preferable to the pain of that one torn cornea!

(FYI, that was the end of contact lenses for me. I was legally blind, so I had to go back to wearing very thick glasses. Off-topic, but I just want to say that I've been seeing 20/20 ever since my lasik surgery in 2001. If you can find a reputable doctor with thousands of successful surgeries to his/her credit, as I did, I highly recommend the procedure.)
surveyI once saw her in a movie with Sissy Spacek. It was set in the 50s, and she portrayed the maid for a white family. "The Long Walk Home," I think it was called, having to do with the bus strikes in Alabama. I kept thinking there was something "off" about her appearance, and it took me forever to realize it was that they had drawn eyebrows on her. It made her look so... normal! I mean, I don't have a problem with her usual appearance. I just thought she looked quite good with eyebrows, but she didn't look like her normal Whoopi self.