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User: RatQueen
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When you watched Disney movies (or if you still do), what was/is your favorite? (This is animated movies.) The choices are the ones off the top of my head, I couldn't possibly list them all.
What do you do when you are talking to someone you don't want to be talking to? (be it via the Internet, on the phone, or in person.)
If you could repeat and school year, which would it be? (I only let you check one but if you MUST say more than one, say it in comments.)
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surveyI live in Florida, so I may not get the full point of this survey. However, Fall is my favorite season. Not too cold, but not hot either. I really dislike spring. I don't like bugs and spring brings bugs!! Summer's good, but not the best; too hot. And, of course, that leaves winter...too cold for my standards, even in Florida. But not as bad as spring. At least the whipporwills are gone.
surveyIt seems about right to me. I'm kind of into philosophy as a hobby. Deeply thought-thoughts appear in my head every now and again.
surveyI eat the cookie like a sandwich, the way they're made--they fall apart if I try to pull them into two pieces.