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User: RainingFeathers
Member Since: 6-Dec-2004 Survey Central member for over 12 years
Surveys Created: 69
Last On: 26-Jun-2017
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Name: Josie Torrence
Sex: female
Location: Canada
Orientation: straight
Religion: Agnostic
Relationships: single
Birthday: 3-Jul-1985 (31.982 years old)

Quotation: "I'm a creature of habit - all of the bad ones" Garfield

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Recent Comments
surveyNo, as I don't get any tv service.
I get most of my news online. Sometimes I'll read a local paper if I stumble across one (they're free, thankfully. I would never pay for that)
surveyYes. I work in a daycare. Toddlers run up to me and ask for a 'boop' regularly. I love my job :D
surveyI never iron my clothes (really don't see the point).
I do iron when I'm sewing things though - it's really the only way to get nice seams and hems.