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User: Psychopath
Member Since: 4-May-2007 Survey Central member for over 10 years
Surveys Created: 64
Last On: 22-Mar-2017
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Sex: male
Politics: right-conservative
Orientation: straight
Religion: Spiritual but not Religious
Relationships: married

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Will President Trump help or hurt the United States (domestically and internationally speaking)?
What do you think of former President Obama commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning?
Do you think that surveys should be disallowed from being created if they have already been done in the past?
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Recent Comments
surveyA traitor is a traitor...whether they are transgender or not
surveySeems like you were wrong, eh?
surveyI don't think it is really a fair question that can be answered simply affirmatively or not. If you say no then people will make you out to be a hateful bigot. However, there are circumstances where you should not treat all equally. For example, radical Islam and proponents of Sharia law...should we permit them into our countries en mass...even when we know that their beliefs are totally opposed to ours (and many supporters use violence to achieve their goals)?