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User: Oscar
Member Since: 22-Oct-1998 Survey Central member for over 19 years
Surveys Created: 110
Last On: 1-Mar-2012
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Name: Denise
Sex: female
Location: North Dakota, USA
Politics: right-conservative
Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Born Again
Relationships: married
Birthday: 8-Oct-1980 (37.186 years old)

Quotation: Dance like nobody's watching and love like you've never been hurt.

Hi. As you can see, I have been a user on SC for a long time now, but most of you probably don't know me or care because I took a hiatus. I like that word...hiatus.
Anywho, visit my blog if you want to read my bitter ramblings.

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surveyPictures like that are everywhere.
surveyAll of the above
surveyI was in a class of two. I sure as hell hope we got along.