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User: OfTheSoul
Member Since: 6-May-2003 Survey Central member for over 13 years
Surveys Created: 368
Last On: 4-Mar-2017
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Name: Joe Dougherty
Sex: male
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Politics: centrist
Orientation: gay
Religion: Spiritual but not Religious
Relationships: committed
Birthday: 5-Sep-1966 (50.566 years old)

Quotation: If life is just a game then why is losing in it so costly?

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Recent Comments
surveyIncredible to me that the only TRUE statement in this survey (right now) falls in fourth place. Contrary to Conservative belief, Obama has issued less executive orders than any president in the past 100 years.
surveyWish I knew how to read the resulting stats. I think there's interesting results in this survey. (I'm sick of the Obama-bashing too - this survey's designed to see how many might believe the B.S. out there.)
surveyThis is one of those "teachings" I just can't swallow. Satan was an angel at first, right? Fallen angel, something like that? He did something to piss off God so He sent the devil to his rule his own domain? If God knows all then how could anyone commit a surprising action? I'd tell God that this little disagreement has gone on long enough and to practice what He preaches by "forgiving". That guy can really hold a grudge, huh?