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User: Mehdiz
Member Since: 10-Oct-2007 Survey Central member for over 10 years
Surveys Created: 5
Last On: 3-Oct-2008
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Name: Mehdi Z
Sex: male
Location: karaj, Tehran, IRAN
Religion: Islam
Relationships: single
Birthday: 26-Aug-1984 (33.306 years old)

I want to understand something new about every thing that i think is good.

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Imagine, you're alone in the world, what would you do?
Have you ever think that you are different from others? what difference?
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surveyabout 50 cent per liter in IRAN
surveyEveryday everyone may seen some of these, It's not very important, maybe one of them is you or me.
surveyDo you know, amount of people how being dead by stinging bee is more than by snike bite.