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User: LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Member Since: 11-Jul-2000 Survey Central member for over 17 years
Surveys Created: 1,002
Last On: 14-Dec-2017
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Sex: female
Location: Alaska
Orientation: straight
Relationships: married
Birthday: 6-Nov

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Recent Comments
surveyThriving lately.
surveyNot usually. Only when I'm really freakin stressed. I've been unreasonable while stressed before. Not lately though.
surveyGood, but too busy lately. Nothing too bad, though. And still volunteering at the cat shelter. Recently took video of a teacup persian watching too kittens chase each other around. I have a bit of a cough, because it's so dang dry in here. Whiskey helps that. Hung Christmas lights in strong wind, before the whiskey, of course.